Sustainability Strategy

Your challenge

You see the need for more sustainability in your business operations, and you’re taking the first steps to raise awareness about and address unsustainable behaviors.

Our approach

We help you navigate the complexity of sustainability to overcome a mindset of constraint and to reframe your sustainability challenges and opportunities for your key managers..

You want to onboard key managers to the essential concepts of sustainability and their relevance for your business model. In this workshop, New Angles introduces sustainable mindsets, frameworks, and trends and helps you reach consensus with your team regarding the importance of sustainability and business priorities for moving forward.

You want to reconnect your business purpose with daily operations. Using an original purpose-driven business model canvas designed by New Angles, participants consider business-as-usual and purpose-driven business models through external examples and apply the framework to internal sustainability innovation opportunities. We help you assess the impact of your current business model as part of a preliminary roadmap for a sustainable transition.

You want to define your sustainability priorities and understand how to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this workshop, New Angles demonstrates the value of the SDGs for sustainable management in companies, introduces the SDG Action Manager tool and shows how it can help measure, monitor and refine your sustainability strategy. We help participants identify the material SDGs for your business and use the SDG Action Manager tool to accelerate your strategy for sustainable business.