Sustainable Leadership

Your Challenge

Despite impressive progress towards transforming your business to a purpose-centric model, you lack across-the-board support for your sustainability strategy at the highest levels of leadership. 

Our approach

Traditionally-trained business leaders succeed in business as usual; we equip your senior managers with the new mindsets and behaviors that bring sustainable transformation from the top-down. 

You seek an innovative approach to leadership that prepares managers for the sustainability transition. In this workshop targeted to business and HR experts, participants understand leadership models for sustainability, including a new model based on academic research and practical experience working inside organizations. Comparing the characteristics of sustainable leadership and examples of sustainable leaders to your current model, we move towards a sustainable leadership model fit for your organisation. 

You can see that your sustainability journey is stalling due to leadership gaps in your company. Your analysis has identified the demonstrable differences between your ‘business-as-usual’ leaders and your sustainability high-performers. You urgently need to develop the key sustainability knowledge, mindsets and behaviors in your management at all levels. Together we can build a tailor-made leadership model for your organisation, based on the European Union’s sustainable leadership model developed by New Angles for CEC European Managers, a social partner of the EU Employment Directorate.