Deep Change

Your Challenge

You want to move beyond developing discrete positive impact products and services to spreading a new culture of sustainability across your company.

Our approach

We help catalyze deep change by working with the individuals already demonstrating positive impact mindsets and behaviors inside your organization.

You want to promote a more sustainable culture in your company. This tailor-made two-day hackathon jumpstarts that culture change by engaging Impact Pioneers – business-facing changemakers already working for sustainability within your organisation – and mobilising their unique ways of working to develop innovative business model ideas that will challenge established thinking in your company.

You need a new approach to achieve a more sustainable culture as traditional change methods are no longer adapted to sustainable development. With an original evidence-based program, New Angles helps you engage your Impact Pioneers, existing employees who are working to replace business as usual with business for positive impacts. The program consists of identifying and creating a dedicated community for your Impact Pioneers and putting them in dynamic interaction with leaders at the top of the hierarchy to catalyse mindset change and start scaling business with positive impact.