Impact Innovation

Your Challenge

You’re working to reduce negative impacts such as emissions, inequalities or resource consumption in your business model and seeking to normalize innovation for sustainability within your company.

Our approach

We help you focus your innovation efforts on what matters most for the future and how to integrate positive impact into your innovation portfolio and core business.

You want to engage your employees in integrating positive impact into your core business. Together with our partners at Sparknews, New Angles developed an original Positive Impact Newsroom program to immerse employees in social and environmental challenges. Participants draw on inspiration from external impact business innovations to discover positive impact business opportunities in your organisation. The methodology develops individual participants through experiential learning and coaching as well as their colleagues through the dissemination of key learnings.

You want to understand the practical implications of integrating circularity into your business model. Through this workshop, participants understand key circular economy concepts as well as external examples of companies that have undertaken the transition. We help you develop an action plan for integrating circularity into your business model.

You want to advance your company’s transition into the circular economy by mastering the relevant tools and concepts and integrating circularity into your company’s sustainability strategy. New Angles helps you interpret the results of multiple circularity tools and weigh the opportunities and challenges in various options for progress to achieve deeper understanding of how circularity can work for your business.