Unlock new sources of value

Aiming for positive impacts, beyond purely financial return, opens doors to new business models and new value chains. Our models help you give appropriate weight to non-financial outcomes and to build them into your client offer.

A major financial group, despite excellent compliance and risk management in a tough regulatory environment, suffered from low innovation and a shrinking client base. They broke out of the spiral by leading with measurable social and environmental impacts in their proposals to corporate investors.


MultiCapital Scorecard

Although GRIG4, SASB and IIRC all recommend that companies take into account their specific operational context in designing sustainability measures and setting improvement objectives, there used to be no tool or process framework to help managers to do this. The MultiCapital Scorecard fills the gap. MCS invites company directors to take their ethical duties, legal obligations and financial commitments to stakeholders as the starting point for managing their impacts on 6 vital capitals that constitute the building-blocks of sustainable business. MCS is the key to integrated reporting and progress measurement.

Pathfinder Dashboard

How do managers accustomed to ‘business-as-usual’ get to grips with a world of uncertainty, where the rules of the game are changing around them? This is the situation today for many businesses faced with the need to integrate sustainability and deal with new stakeholders. New Angles Pathfinder is a half-day simulation for managers working in teams. They decide how they think their marketplace will evolve, set their criteria for success, come up with a strategy then play to win. Meanwhile customers respond to their propositions, competitors anticipate or react… On their Pathfinder dashboards the teams have access to news events coming in from the outside world and to data from their sector. Every round starts with new information and challenges and ends with results and accounts to submit. But outcomes are only partly financial; other components are market shares and investment analysts’ evaluations, including ESG factors. A New Angles facilitator holds the ring and asks the ‘what-if?’ questions, round by round…   New Angles Pathfinder concept designed in partnership with Klas Mellander of Celemi.