Understand your impacts

We help identify major impact areas along your value chain – including those that are invisible today. Discover how your activities may have unsuspected impacts, positive or negative. Understand how you may be part of a global problem, and how to become part of the solution.

A food ingredients manufacturer was accused of depending on forced labour in their South-East Asian supply chain for marine products. By paying closer attention to traceability of their raw materials and using the UN Guidelines to formalise their policy on human rights, they were able to justify a switch to certified slavery-free sources and leveraged this advantage to gain new business.


Sustainability Framework

Sustainability issues have to be defined in concrete terms for business managers, to bring the concept into focus and make it actionable. We work with the science-based definitions of the Stockholm Resilience Institute for environmental parameters and the UN Human Rights model for social parameters. These frameworks reassure managers that sustainability has real-world meaning and equip them to explain it to their teams.

SDG Materiality Compass

The Sustainable Development Goals represent the first-ever global consensus between the UN, governments, civil society and business. They are an accessible and holistic way to define high-level sustainability issues. We recommend using them as a compass for recognizing and prioritizing the challenges and opportunities of your business impacts. Equipped with this compass a group of managers can develop a top-line materiality analysis, achieving consensus on their sustainability hot-spots and priorities in as little as half a day.