Build sustainability leadership

Integrating sustainability into an existing business requires big changes. Companies need to revise the way they define and reward success. Managers have to work together to set new goals and KPI’s. The more senior the manager, the harder all this is likely to be. We help your executive team surface their responses to change and deal with the tensions between them in order to reach alignment.

We supported an international fragrance developer to move beyond showcasing pretty CSR stories to doing real sustainability. This involved transforming the governance of sustainability issues, making them part of operational line management, and setting individual responsibilities for sustainability performance. Despite internal tensions and top management reluctance managers were able to reach a consensus and forge a sustainability strategy that improved their competitive position, won new contracts and turned adversarial key accounts into business partners.


Sustainability Leadership Tensions

A capacity-building exercise on leadership and sustainability for your Executive committee. The faces of each card carry two plausible but contradictory messages about what the future holds in store for your sector and company, your progress on sustainability-related issues, how your team functions, and how your teams and other stakeholders regard your performance… This simple Springboard surfaces differences and prompts alignment in a couple of hours.

Sustainability Integration Roadmap

Each organization needs to design its own roadmap, but these four phases of Initiation, Mitigation, Innovation and Integration represent a useful framing of the journey for most businesses. Where is your company on this trajectory? What will it take for you to reach the next phase? Are your competitors ahead or behind? A great way to demonstrate that sustainability cannot be achieved overnight and needs a step-by-step implementation plan.