Design your stakeholder strategy

We help you get closer to your key stakeholders, upstream and downstream. You need to know your key stakeholders as well as you know your key customers. We help you design a strategy to identify them, then to negotiate common ground and work together to create new value.

A well-known FMCG brand had a conflictual relationship with NGOs, seeing them mainly as a reputational threat. When we helped them review their stakeholder mapping and strategies they switched their defensive posture to one of enquiry.
They started learning from NGOs how to get local smallholder communities farming sustainably, triggering new sources of value, driving consumer innovation and transforming their market position. They also learned how to manage a partnership for mutual benefit.


Stakeholder Constellation Role-play

A facilitated exploration of your company’s stakeholder eco-system and its underlying relationships, as they are now and as they could be. A fast and effective means to help your managers become aware of the impacts and dependencies of their activities, beyond purely transactional outcomes. One of the most powerful ways to experience how changing business-as-usual is more about adjusting my own mindset than convincing others.

Stakeholder Shared Value

Based on a fashion goods manufacturing company this mini-simulation asks managers to design a project portfolio that optimizes the balance between financial returns, project risk and stakeholder value creation, while at the same time advancing the company on its sustainability journey. Great insight into habitual approaches to decision-making and how including stakeholder impacts can improve outcomes. Allow 3 hours including review and discussion.   Simulation concept designed by Klas Mellander of Celemi.