Define your purpose

We help you get clearer on your company’s purpose and contribution. If your management team understands how their activities are building the future, they will be better aligned and more effective in driving change. (No one goes to work in the morning just to increase returns to shareholders…)

A research centre of a major European energy group used our purpose-driven business model generator to set up and incentivise a new department to prospect local authorities and co-design science-based community energy solutions. The identification of a business model for applying pure research findings to local government problem solving drove a BU start-up with significant commercial potential.


Purpose-driven Business Model

We re-invented the classic ‘Business model generation’ process by putting company purpose at the centre, replacing customers by key stakeholders. These apparently small adjustments nudge managers to look at their business quite differently. In only a few hours the way is opened to creating far-reaching innovations in the product-service offer and exciting new sources of value.

Aiming for the Blue Box

How do we know when our business impacts are sustainable? When will we know we’ve reached our goal? Without answers to these questions, how can we set meaningful targets?   It is vital for each company to determine its own fair ‘share’, depending on its scale and its environmental and social contexts. The Blue Box concept maps Human Development Index scores for stakeholder communities against Environmental Footprint, i.e. consumption of ecological resources. It helps you chart your course and keeps you focused on the big picture when setting operational goals and KPI’s.