Communications & Business Development Intern

Paris, France


Kelsey is currently pursing her masters in Communications, Media & Creative Industries at the Sciences Po School of Management & Innovation. Her focus on development, design and programming with work in the United States Peace Corps in Morocco lead her to explore the realm of partnership and innovation for social impact. She has experience in small business development and grassroots entrepreneurship and is founder of social enterprise, AZTA. Work in the social sector and recognition of the limitations and opportunities presented lead her to pivot her focus towards identifying impact opportunities in the private sector. She brings her background in development and communications to New Angles to support and develop purpose-driven strategy and engagement.

Mission at New Angles

Connection is an essential tool in driving impactful change. Through my work in communications strategy and development for New Angles, it is my goal to ensure that our organizational mission and vision are clear. As we seek to help businesses find ways of operating more sustainably, communicating our goals and sharing our successes enables our work to set a clear example for organizations looking to amplify their positive impact and undergo transformation from within to align with sustainable and responsible leadership goals.


As I continue to refine my own personal vision of sustainability, I am constantly met with the idea that partnership is key. As we seek to create a world that is more sustainable, to create systems with positive impact, and to promote profitability through the lens of purpose, I am convinced that each of us have a role to play. My goal in working with New Angles is to promote the ideal of business as a force for good and to perpetuate the notion that purpose and profitability are not mutually exclusive. Everyone is our ecosystem has the opportunity to affect change, and we are here to ensure that this change has a deep, positive impact.

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