Jennifer Jomier

Consultant & Business Development Manager

+33 (0) 610 428 561

Lyon, France


I am an American corporate responsibility and sustainability consultant with an interest in international development. With over 10 years of multi-sector experience, I enjoy building dynamic partnerships that leverage partner strengths for social and environmental impact. I completed a Masters in Public Affairs magna cum laude at Sciences Po Paris (France) and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). I have a Credential of Readiness certificate from Harvard Business School – HBX (USA) and a Financing for Development certificate from the World Bank/edX.


The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals reflect the changing role and expectations of the private sector in social and environmental development, and today, principles of sustainability and inclusion are increasingly common across sectors and industries. Integrating sustainability means acknowledging profitmaking as important but short-term earnings as shortsighted; it means putting stakeholder dialogue into practice and impact pioneers into leadership positions. This work takes continuous and deliberate effort, guided by best practices and custom-tailored tools and solutions.

Personal Perspectives

Companies vs Climate Change

Companies Vs Climate Change recognizes the commitment of businesses to face the challenge of climate change head on.  It is a nonpolitical, collaborative forum for business leaders to connect around climate change solutions and share best practices for climate action.  Our mission is to unite the world’s leading companies in the fight against climate change … Continue reading Companies vs Climate Change

Fair Labor Association – Improving Living Wage Measurement in Global Supply Chains

In 2013-2014, as a result of a collaboration between the Fair Labor Association and Sciences Po, I undertook a Capstone project seeking to understand the complexity of the concept of a living wage, which has gained prominence over the past decade.  Governments, NGOs, and multinational companies continue to adopt a sustainable development agenda, but lack … Continue reading Fair Labor Association – Improving Living Wage Measurement in Global Supply Chains

World Bank – Universities Through the Looking Glass report

In 2011-2012 I worked for a World Bank program based in Marseille, France at the Centre for Mediterranean Integration and focused on the financing, internationalization, and governance of higher education institutions in the Middle East and North Africa.  Together we teamed up with education ministers and university administrators from across the Middle East and North … Continue reading World Bank – Universities Through the Looking Glass report