Jacob Mayne

Managing Partner


+33 (0)6 61 25 40 77

Paris, France


UK national based in Paris. 20 years with Unilever (foods & beverages) in HR, brand strategy, business development and innovation, incl. 13 years in Japan and Asia. 5 years as CEO and consultant in museum sector with Australian and French ministries of culture. 15 years as a consultant in change strategy and sustainability, incl. 7 years’ leadership coaching with Turningpoint. Co-founded the Change Leaders in 2005. Co-founded New Angles in 2009. Teaches, creates programs and supervises in business schools (HEC, Oxford Saïd, Geneva Uni, Les Roches).


What New Angles can achieve over time is about productive connections. I believe we can catalyse change by connecting business and civil society organisations in partnerships that contribute to a greater social purpose. I also believe that New Angles will be most effective operating in a constellation of change organisations, not just ploughing our own furrow. Finally, I see this constellation creating and nourishing a productive network of impact pioneers building new business models inside conventional companies, reinventing business as a powerful force for good, one project at a time, together.

Personal Perspectives

Is it all over for CSR?

The more I work in the sustainability integration field, the less I get excited about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)… It seems to me that a company can be a brilliant innovator in CSR, thanks to its repertoire of policies, reporting and storytelling – and yet remain a laggard in terms of taking real responsibility for … Continue reading Is it all over for CSR?

Stakeholder strategy

It’s true that taking stakeholder impacts seriously is at the heart of sustainable business. But it would be naive to imagine expanding the business model to include all stakeholders. A company can’t possibly manage every single stakeholder affecting or affected by its activities, even if it could identify them. You have to choose which stakeholders … Continue reading Stakeholder strategy

Aboriginal art and sustainability

New Angles is lucky enough to have its offices in a shop in a 19th century covered arcade in the centre of Paris. We enjoy the company of our fellow businesses in the Passage du Grand Cerf, most of them designers, jewelers, arts & crafts types, with some very cool projects. And whenever possible we … Continue reading Aboriginal art and sustainability