Gabriela Buettner

Senior Consultant

+33 (0)6 70 17 26 32

Paris, France


As a coach and facilitator, I help individuals and teams set and achieve inspiring, relevant goals. Over twenty years of management training and coaching along with management experience in international organizations in various countries gives me that broad view necessary to accompany change. Swiss by origin, Parisian by adoption and world citizen at heart, I love working in international contexts, where I can use my five working languages. Throughout my life, I have been committed to making this world a better place, first with international organizations such as UNDP and OSCE and then as an election observer for the EU, the OEA and ODIHR. A martial arts practice of many years gives me that grounded situational intelligence necessary to deal with difficult situations elegantly.


I am absolutely convinced that this is the time to make that change that the world is waiting for, and that business is key to making this world the place we aspire to live in, for ourselves and the generations to come. In order to be successful, such change needs to integrate personal change (looking inwards) and organizational change (looking to the system). The Sustainable Development Goals provide a powerful framework to guide the way.