Senior Consultant

+33 (0) 673 875 431

Paris, France


Coach and Gestalt-therapist, I support individuals and companies in their personal and collective transformation, with a humanist and meaningful approach. I strongly believe in collective intelligence as a powerful tool to develop creativity and innovation to manage the complexity of the world.
Graduated from ESCEM Business School, I have 24 years of experience in business development, managing transformation projects, and leading change within an international company in the food industry. I led CSR wide projects around the circular economy, working with the recycling industry and its eco-system, focusing on consumer behaviour change and education for the young generation on sustainability.

Vision at New Angles

The world is changing and we need to change the way we do business for good.
Amongst the many challenges companies have to face, moving to a new model of leadership is key. Sustainable leadership needs to open new ways of working together: more meaning, more cooperation, more interconnections.
This means being able to evolve in an environment made of complexity and uncertainty, in which we all are interdependent with each voice counting, enabling each person to express their singularity.
Leaders need to learn deeply who they are, what their values are, to embody a form of Sustainable leadership based on authenticity, empathy, inclusion and cooperation.
This also means developing relational intelligence and capacity to create and nurture new links into the eco-system. I am passionate about the systemic approach of sustainability and strongly believe that change needs to happen at all levels, from individual to collective approaches.