Senior Consultant

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Paris, France


An activist, convener, connector, coach, strategist, creative thinker and mother I’m passionate about authentic change and the value we all bring to create positive impact. 25 years of working for a wide range international organizations in the private, public and voluntary sectors, including the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food, the European Commission, Save the Children, UNICEF and the OHCHR. I have published notably on outcome-based research-for-development and human rights based approaches to development. Based in my adopted home of Paris, I have also spent considerable periods of time in Asia, the Middle East and across the African Continent.

Mission at New Angles

In 25 years of multi-stakeholder change convening I have seen the toughest problems yield once issues are shared and impacts understood between people working in properly facilitated process. What works on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bangladesh or the DRC works in the boardroom. Sustainability and human rights affect every part of the business value chain. Companies need to work hand-in-hand with civil society and local communities if they really care about positive impacts.


My experience working as a convener and curator of change has convinced me that the power of collective thinking and resulting action can determine a just, equitable and flourishing future. Harnessing this collective power ensures that the momentum generated by collective thinking translates into concrete results.  Dialogue and pioneering courageous action can address specific complex and vital challenges and see their impacts scaled up resulting in exciting, positive ambitious transformation.

Personal Perspectives

Outcomes: ways in which people choose to do things differently

Working as a member of the Management Team with the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF) in its final five year phase in six different river basins across the world, we were able to capture the excitement of impact based research-for-development (R4D) where researchers are real agents of change. That is, both change on the … Continue reading Outcomes: ways in which people choose to do things differently

Story Telling – more than a fashion

When you’ve been lucky enough to see story telling tools in action, moving beyond emotional reactions and instigating a change in beliefs, knowledge and practices you’re certainly motivated to take a few risks and try these approaches out in the most traditional and resistant of settings, whether in the board room of a multinational chemicals … Continue reading Story Telling – more than a fashion