Alice Knight

Associate Consultant


Alice Knight is an Australian student currently at Sciences Po Paris doing a Masters in Environmental Policy with a dual focus on East Asia and management. She has worked in Hong Kong at Jardine Matheson and participated in leading the Shanghai division of the Australia-China Youth Association.


I believe that a socially and environmentally conscious private sector will play a vital role in shaping the policy-making of the future. I would like to contribute to the development of these new actors, who are making sustainable choices at an individual, company as well as community level, and help provide them with the right tools to thrive.

Personal Perspectives

The State of Environmental Migration 2015

Alice Knight doc – StateofEnvironmentalMigration2015   Increased Evidence Linking Human Mobility and Climate Change The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2014 Report stated once again that climate change is projected to increase the displacement of people. Yet the year 2014 showed once again that such displacements were already a present reality, and not just … Continue reading The State of Environmental Migration 2015

China prepares to open national carbon market

Article from chinadialogue (18/11/2016)   Learning as you go No immediate emissions reduction is expected when it opens next year, but its huge scale provides hope for reductions from 2020 onwards.   China currently has seven regional carbon trading trials that are spread across the developed eastern coast and less affluent inland areas. By 2015, … Continue reading China prepares to open national carbon market

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

By Paul West from River Cottage Australia   Paul West discusses how we can reduce our impact on this beautiful planet by embracing sustainability. I saw an interesting graph once which plotted the use of the word “sustainability” in written language from the fifties to the present day. The curve in the graph grew exponentially … Continue reading Working Toward a Sustainable Future