About Us

You can see the world changing, and you know your business needs to change too. New Angles serves business leaders who don’t give up on change, who want to work for positive impact. Because you are here, we guess you must be such a leader…

You understand that focusing uniquely on financial value and short-term results leads to missed opportunities and under-performance. You want to change and you know you need to lead the way. At the same time you face daily pressures to maximise profit, take short-term decisions and stick with business-as-usual. Managing these tensions and contradictions is like finding a path through a maze. So either you give up, or you face the contradictions and look for a way forward. Welcome, and thank you for your visit.

New Angles takes you Forward

We dare to ask you challenging and productive questions, the ones that will take you forward.

We work alongside you, co-designing solutions.

We don’t take alignment for granted. We know from experience that even close colleagues are rarely aligned on significant strategic issues.

We don’t take change for granted either. We know that inertia can be a powerful force. We understand the necessary conditions for adult learning and how organisations reject or adopt new behaviours.

New Angles works with you on business model transformation to uncover sustainable value creation and positive impact.

Our approach

  • Strategies and methods of organizational change based on socio-psychological systemics 
  • Springboards and tools based on action research and hands-on sustainability knowledge
  • An extensive ecosystem of experts, researchers and global standard setters

Our team brings decades of combined experience as managers and facilitators in diverse organisations, including business, civil society, government and local communities. Our familiarity with business models and change challenges in many sectors equips us to help your company take on the challenges and opportunities of leading the sustainability transition, together with your colleagues and stakeholders.