Aboriginal art and sustainability

New Angles is lucky enough to have its offices in a shop in a 19th century covered arcade in the centre of Paris. We enjoy the company of our fellow businesses in the Passage du Grand Cerf, most of them designers, jewelers, arts & crafts types, with some very cool projects. And whenever possible we participate in the arcade’s village community, even though we ourselves don’t sell stuff directly to the public.

One of the ways we contribute is by organising art exhibitions on sustainability-related subjects or other themes close to New Angles’ heart. We tidy up the office, rig up gallery lighting, stay open on weekends and lend our walls without charge to the artists.

Over the years these events have attracted hundreds of visitors to the Passage du Grand Cerf and covered quite diverse ground; for example:

  • More With Less, with sculptures and collages by artists from our part of Paris, including one who makes exquisite, elegant bas-reliefs working uniquely with cigarette paper.
  • Roots and Leaves, by landscape artists from Italy, France and Catalonia, including designs and artworks for a massive social rehabilitation project on a decontaminated petro-chemicals site in the Goitschewald (Ruhr).
  • Nature Morte Landscapes, a Fontainbleau artist’s paintings of industrial decline, iron works smelters, abandoned factories, rusting riverside grain silos…
  • Wilderness City, with objets trouvés, plant-dyed textiles and arte povera works by a Basque artist who travelled on foot for hundreds of kilometers, the length and breadth of Japan
  • Our Living Land, exploring Aboriginal landscape painting in dramatically different styles by three women artists from the East Kimberley region in Australia
  • Another Country, our second major Aboriginal exhibition, in partnership with Idaia and the first edition of the Paris Aboriginal Cinema Festival, in 2016, and showcasing artists from the same communities that featured in the films themselves.

If you would like to attend our next exhibition on inclusive feminism, in partnership with Salon des Dames, please email us to receive your invitation. And if you know of an artist, whether in France or elsewhere, doing interesting work on themes related to business and sustainability, please do put us in touch with them.