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What is Sustainable for You?

According to the annual report of the United Nations Global Compact, 93% of corporate CEOs surveyed believe the integration of sustainable development to be essential to the success of their business [link UN Global Compact].

Integration of ‘sustainability’: A Paradigm Shift

Serious businessmanHow do you define resilience, sustainability or social responsibility in your company? Have you agreed on a shared definition with your management team? If not, isn’t now the time to do it?

It may seem difficult to arrive at such a definition in technical terms. That may be what prevents you from finding the right words or meaning. Methods do exist, however, and we can advise you on choosing the appropriate strategy and its application to your specific context. [Centre for Sustainable Organisations]

The essence of ‘sustainability’, in any event, is to recognize that the business environment has changed dramatically and that the old rules of the game are no longer suitable for success.

 gas tank with empty and full signs We can no longer achieve our goals if our business model is based on the assumptions of infinite resources for production, of an environment that can absorb limitless waste and toxic emissions, or of a perfect barrier between the impacts of our operations on society and our balance sheet.

These new realities are no doubt already taken into account by your risk management and public relations teams. But have you thought of using your business strategy as a starting point?…

Your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility may have only prevailed so far as a marginal adjustment model, or it may constitute a real paradigm shift.

We believe that the twenty-first century calls for this paradigm shift and this is the reason New Angles exists, though we are conscious that all change requires steps.