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Courageous Conversations

What is your position, anyway? What is the meaning of your work and the work you offer your employees?

Do you believe, like Friedman wrote in 1970, that the only social responsibility of a company is to increase its profits by only ensuring compliance with the laws and the regulations in force? Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman sitting w. his hand to his forehead.  (Photo by Chuck Nacke//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

In this case, it is urgent to change nothing! Hold tight, hoping that your customers and competitors are not going to evolve faster …

PaulPlomanVideoExtract320180Or do you believe, like Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, that companies gain more in doing good for society?

Are you ready to work through this conversation with yourself first, then your management team, your board, your customers, your suppliers, your employees, and your shareholders?

If your answer is ‘yes’, call us. We will propose the methods to launch this process, and we can support you in implementing the strategy that emerges.