Our approach

Springboards towards Sustainable Strategy

plongeursOur method is based on springboards (New Angles Springboards): fun exercises that will project a new perspective, and give rise to conversations and exchanges in your professional environment, very different from the ones you see everyday.

Among New Angles Springboards available:

  • Paradox Cards: What is your perspective on the future and changes in your strategic context? Is it shared by your team? By your employees?

  • Vision 2050 : Is your objective from yesterday adequate for today and tomorrow? Are you climbing up to the same summit? Are you using the same roadmap?

  • The Hunt for Shared Value: A game to identify avenues for innovation that will unlock the maximum financial and non-financial value for your business and its stakeholders.

  • Sustainable Business Model Framework: Adding new dimensions to your current business model to build new competitive advantages.